ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Co.

Continued Reduction of emissions

As a carbon-intense industry, the tube industry and JTL are seriously concerned about the amount of greenhouse gasses produced in the pipemaking process. One method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce the amount of energy used in pipemaking because energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are so closely linked.

Company wide effort at the executive, management and operations levels has been put in place to investigate, share and create best practice solutions throughout the company to manage and reduce energy intensity and CO2 production.

JTL is also committed to investing in technology to move the pipemaking process in an even more environmentally responsible direction. In the India, the best available control technology is being utilized to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing our world-class products.

In addition to pipe activities within our own operations to actively comply with environmental rules and regulations, effectively manage our resources, and manage greenhouse gas emissions, we also engage with community partners to protect and preserve our natural resources.