ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Co.

Continuous Improvement

Over the year, JTL has placed a continuous emphasis on improving processes, with a view to consistently enhancing efficiencies, improving quality and thereby achieving better performance benchmarks in all areas of operations. With globalisation and an increasing scale of operations, the company feels that self-reliance in technology has become a virtual pre-requisite to innovation and growth. To stay ahead of competitors and to consistently to meet the challenges of growth and changes research and development is the key to success.

As an integrated steelmaker, managing the cost of raw materials is essential to our success. This is why we are focused on maximizing the benefits we derive from materials we use in an effort to minimize our environmental impact. This management process can be summed up in three words: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


JTL is making meaningful strides in reducing our energy consumption and our greenhouse gas emissions. These actions are driven by both the need to manage the high cost of natural gas and coal, as well as the need to protect our natural surroundings. For JTL, energy efficiency is both cost effective and environmentally responsible. These efforts are explained in greater detail in the “Reduction of Emissions” section of this site.


Another way JTL manages our environmental impact and our resources is by reusing certain materials in the steelmaking process.


As the world’s most recycled material, steel provides and excellent opportunity for everyone to practice environmental stewardship. Recycling steel is vital to sustainability. Recycling helps preserve landfills, and it reduces our industry’s need to mine virgin ore, which integrated steelmakers use to create high value-added steels.